Are you feeling stuck in your life and wanting to get traction with health issues? 

Do you feel anxious or stressed?

 Do you suffer from thyroid, endocrine, or hormonal issues that affect your emotions or moods?

 Are you comfortable in your own body?

If any of these describe you, please contact me.  I have been helping people with issues like these since 2001. It is important to your health and wellbeing to feel energetic and purposeful, just as it is crucial to feel vibrant if you want to have a high quality of life.

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Working with a trained professional therapist you can learn to:

·      take charge of your own health

·      manage your emotions

·      access your inner wisdom to make health decisions

·      partner with your body for optimal health

The mind, the body and the spirit are all involved in creating good health.  Your emotions and thoughts have more influence on your health than you might imagine and it is best to have them all working together in your favor!

For more information on the effectiveness of Health and Wellness Therapy, see these resources below: