at Conscious Choices we use several different techniques to support your unique journey. 

talk therapy


Sandtray Therapy

“Often the hands know how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has wrestled in vain.”  --C. G. Jung

Sandtray therapy - sandbox with animals and plant figurines

Developed by Swiss Jungian Analyst Dora Kalff, Sandplay is a form of therapy that gives both child and adult clients the opportunity to portray, rather than verbalize, feelings and experiences often inaccessible and/or difficult to express in words. Sandplay has the possibility of leading the client into layers of experience that are often pre-verbal and long forgotten to the conscious mind, as is often the case where there has been incidence of trauma. In Sandplay a scene is made from figures and objects placed in a box of sand, while the therapist observes in respectful silence.

Roberta uses this modality with both adults and children, and often as an adjunct to those who like to work with their dreams.  It is especially comforting to those clients who come in and do not wish to talk much but still wish to engage in therapy.  It can also help with creativity and can often be a springboard when someone feels “stuck”.

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white and pink hydrangea

Hypnosis, also referred to as hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion, is a trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration. Hypnosis is usually done with the help of a therapist using verbal repetition and mental images. When you're under hypnosis, you usually feel calm and relaxed, and are more open to suggestions.

Hypnosis can be used to help you gain control over undesired behaviors or to help you cope better with anxiety or pain. It's important to know that although you're more open to suggestion during hypnosis, you don't lose control over your behavior.

Roberta is trained in hypnosis and uses it to help clients move forward when they feel stuck, to help with anxiety, pain control, emotional issues, and behavioral issues.


Healing Touch

counter with bowls and a gentle flame

Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that uses gentle touch to assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Healing Touch works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal, is safe for all ages and works in harmony with standard or allopathic medical care. 

Roberta is trained in Levels I and II Healing Touch.  She often uses it at her clients request for grounding during a session, such as when a client feels too anxious to talk or is finding it hard to concentrate on uncomfortable material.  Roberta’s clients love Healing Touch because they report they feel calm, peaceful and relaxed aftwards.


Play Therapy

christmas tree figurine

Initially developed in the turn of the 20th century, today play therapy refers to a large number of treatment methods, all applying the therapeutic benefits of play. Play therapy differs from regular play in that the therapist helps children to address and resolve their own problems. Play therapy builds on the natural way that children learn about themselves and their relationships in the world around them (Axline, 1947; Carmichael, 2006; Landreth, 2002). Through play therapy, children learn to communicate with others, express feelings, modify behavior, develop problem-solving skills, and learn a variety of ways of relating to others.  Play provides a safe psychological distance from their problems and allows expression of thoughts and feelings appropriate to their development.

Roberta trained at Converse College with instructors who adhered to standards created by the Association for Play Therapy (APT).