therapy comes in many forms. Challenges for healthy independent women and men often fall into five categories: 


Are you experiencing any of the following situations in your relationship:

  • Feeling distant, separate or disconnected?

  • An increase in arguing or negativity?

  • Lack of affection?

  • An increase in anger, hostility, or sarcasm?

  • Avoidance of each other; sarcasm or shutting each other out?

  • Trust issues (affairs, hiding cell phone/texting, suspicious absences)?

Your primary relationship is often the most important one in your life.  By the time most couples have developed corrosive patterns, they are too entrenched to change them without assistance.  Emotions are usually running so high and strong that it is hard for couples to find answers in a safe environment by themselves.  As a trained Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, I can help guide you through this process.  Since 2001, I have helped over a hundred couples – dating, engaged, or married – solve their relationship problems and create healthy, fulfilling, loving relationships.

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Sex Therapy

Do any of these common symptoms describe how you feel:

  • Are you feeling a sense of guilt or shame around your sexuality?

  • Have you been raped, molested, incested, or sexually abused?

  • Do you have low libido and have trouble being aroused?

  • Do you think of yourself as sexy and desirable?

  • Are you so stressed you can’t find your own joy?

  • Are you uncomfortable in your own skin?

Emotions, orgasm and pleasure all play a role in creating hormonal balance.  A fading sex drive may be one of the first places a red flag shows up as a signal of waning love for yourself and love for life (source: “The Wisdom of Menopause”, Christiane Northrup, M.D., pps. 288 – 289).  By learning to love and accept yourself, you can open the door to rejuvenation of your life energy.

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Family Therapy

Do any of these situations describe sources of tension for your family:

  • Is someone in the family ill?

  • Is a family member having emotional problems that affect the whole family?

  • Are you a parent who needs help getting your children to listen to you?

  • Is yours a “blended family”?

Roberta’s Family Therapy Services are based on Systems Theory.  This theory basically says that if one member of a family is struggling or has a problem, then the whole family has a problem and should be treated systemically.  Roberta can see the whole family, or see groups and sub-groups such as parents, siblings, or children.

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