My Story:

Roberta Moore, LMFT, CHT, Ed. S.

Roberta Moore, LMFT, CHT, Ed. S.

I was drawn to therapy, as a consumer, because I needed help.  Although smart and well educated, I lacked self-confidence.  My anxiety and perfectionism robbed me of the ability to access my full potential.  The less than satisfying results showed up in my business and personal relationships.  I didn’t believe I could consistently express a clear, strong voice and stand tall.  So I made a choice and reached out to a therapist for help.

Learning about myself in therapy, I was able to stand back and be more objective (and less subjective).  With the help of a trusted, caring, well-trained advisor I began to take back the lost pieces of myself.  It was important to me during this process that I was learning to speak the language of my soul. 

Getting reacquainted with the still, small voice of intuition inside eventually allowed me to start voicing myself more clearly.  As I uncovered my passions the creativity blossomed and life became more meaningful!  Not perfect, just better.  It became really important to serve a greater purpose, one bigger than just myself.

Excited about the ability to transform through therapy, I went back to school to get the necessary credentialing to help others and opened my own office.  One of the greatest gifts I received from this choice is: finding out that understanding oneself takes a lifetime and the benefits outweigh the hard work.

Although my business and personal relationships are improved, I find it takes constant self-adjustment to remain vital and alive. This is my doctrine:  a well-examined life is a well-lived life!

My Credentials:


·      Educational Specialist Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy (Converse College, Spartanburg, SC – 2001)

·      Masters of Science in Taxation (Fontbonne University, St. Louis, MO – 1996)

·      Masters of International Management (Thunderbird School of Global Management, Phoenix, AZ – 1982)

·      Bachelors in Business Administration (University of Notre Dame, Southbend, IN – 1980)

·      Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in: Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina

·     Certified Hypnotherapist through the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association

·      Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT)

·      Clinical Member of the Missouri Association of Marriage & Family Therapy (MOAMFT)